Eutopia Art Residency | Sofi Senoglou
Eutopia Art Residency | Sofi Senoglou

Are you an artist, photographer, architect, writer, musician,

do you work in the theater?

Then your next Goal should be:

Change environment

(A trip rejuvenates our physical and mental state)

New inspired Project production

(Something new is floating around in our thinking, but we haven’t started it, now is the time)

Interact with colleagues from all over the world

(The interaction between artists from different cultures is a source of inspiration)

Experimentation and escape from the routine

 (Everyday life and routine block imagination)

Explore new places, nature, human history

(Exploration since ancient times has been the elixir of life for humanity…new places, new people…diversity…)


A international artistic research program in Kavala, Greece


*Accommodation in luxury studios

* Shared indoor and outdoor workspace

* Visiting artist studios, museums, galleries

* Open exhibition and special event

* Walking on the sea and in nature

* Assistant curator


In 2022 we started something new. The human being, who has always played a primary role
in our work, to be able to offer hospitality in a calm, organized and familiar environment,
with a high level of aesthetics but also advantages… At the same time, we organize a new
project that invites artists and art professionals from different artistic fields and countries to
play a significant role throughout the Balkan region in the field of Art Residency.
The purpose is to spread and explore Art through the communication of artists from
different countries and cultural backgrounds.
We expect -through the artists’ participation in the events- to influence each other through
the exchange of ideas, thoughts, and opinions about Art and enrich their perspective,
character and personality…


The people of Eutopia have been dealing with Interior Design, building construction and
renovations since 1997. Residences, apartments, offices, clinics, shops, bars and cafes are
only a few of the projects we have with the purpose of always correctly identifying the
customers’ needs, aesthetics and functionality.
At the same time, we have been operating since 2007 an Art Gallery (Orfeos 20 Art Gallery),
(Balkan Art Gallery), in selected and special places hosting numerous art exhibitions with
young and established artists from various countries… I indicatively mention… Greece,
Germany, Sweden, Taiwan, Malta, Turkey, Lithuania, Serbia.
Exhibitions were organized with works of Painting, Engraving, Sculpture, Photography,
Ceramics, Performance, Video, Music concerts etc….
The collaboration of the gallery with Universities of Fine Arts and Architecture, as well as
with groups of artists offers a bridge of communication and alternative solutions…

Eutopia Art Residency 2023
Eutopia Art Residency 2023